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Health Care Providers


Welcome to Healthcare Resources! We are pleased to have you as a part of our network of providers. Your participation in providing quality health care services to uninsured low to moderate income individuals and families are highly valued by all of the members of our organization. Healthcare Resources is also proud to have the support of county and state officials for our HOPE Project.

If you are not a participating provider and wish to Make a Difference in Someone's Life, please click here for more information.

Announcements will be sent occasionally to you via regular mail or fax to keep you current on improvements and or changes. Again, although our program is still in its early stages, many steps are being taken for expansion and betterment.

If you should have any inquiries or comments regarding our program, members, or our agreed price guidelines, please contact Member Services or Provider Relations.

Letter of Understanding

Before you became a part of our network, a Letter of Understanding was signed by you, your partner(s) and or your office manager. This letter indicated who we are; our mission, who our members are and your agreement to charge a discounted fee to meet our members needs.

If you wish to obtain a copy of your signed Letter of Understanding, please contact Provider Relations.

One of our goals is to educate our members of the importance of preventative health care and to utilize our network of providers. We have also emphasized how important it is for our members to follow your fees for initial visit and procedures that have been agreed upon and we appreciate that you follow the same.

Quick Reference Form


The form was designed for you to use as a reference. It includes the image of the front and back of our membership card, the price of the initial visit, follow up visit and the discounted rate for other services if needed.

The Quick Reference Form also includes the outline of the eligibility steps that your office needs to follow before any services are rendered.

  • Call Member Services for eligibility on all membership cards
  • Check photo ID for positive identification

For a copy of the Quick Reference Form, please contact the Director of Provider Relations.

Provider Manual

As a part of our elite network of health care providers, we furnish you with the Healthcare Resources Provider Manual. You usually receive this manual within a month after you join our network. You should have also received a Special Acknowledgement Certificate.

The materials covered on this page are also included in your manual. If you have not received your manual or certificate or have misplaced your manual, please contact the Provider Relations.

Making a Difference in Someone's Life

Healthcare Resources is looking for skilled Family Physicians, Specialists (all types), Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Acupuncturist, Doctors of Herbal Medicine, Urgent Care Facilities, Laboratories and Imaging Centers to become a part of our continually growing network of health care providers.

Our network of providers not only enjoys the benefit of receiving new patient referrals at no cost to them, but they also take part in providing their community with affordable health care.

Join the thousands of our providers who have already made a difference in someone's life. If you would like to be a part of our network, please complete the application below and one of our Network Development in your area will be contacting you. If you should have any questions, please refer to our Questions and Answers section below.

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Q. How is Healthcare Resources health care program marketed?
A. Our program is promoted through media and newspaper advertisements, school districts, community and civic events, several state and county facilities, individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

Q. What is at risk?
A. There is no risk at all to you as a provider. There may very well be some of our members who may see you once and never return. However, most patients will return for additional services and or see you on a regular basis.

Q. What makes Healthcare Resources program different from the others?
A. Healthcare Resources is a preventative health care program which benefits the low to moderate income individuals and families who are unable to afford proper health care. We are here to educate and encourage the importance of preventative health care.

Q. Are there any charges or fees that I need to pay to be a provider?
A. No. There are no hidden fees or costs on your part except the reduced rates you have agreed upon to benefit the members in your community.

Q. What if a member needs to see a specialist?
A. If our members need specialized care, they simply look in the directory provided to them and go to the specialist needed. If a member doesn't know how to find or cannot find a specialist, they can call our Member Services for assistance.

Q. What about after hours emergency care?
A. Healthcare Resources has listings for urgent care facilities in our directory for non life threatening emergencies.

Q. What if I am affiliated with another plan?
A. Being a part of our network of providers does not restrict or affect any other programs or plans that you may be a part of. There is no exclusivity with any of our health care providers.

Q. What if the normal fee for a procedure is lower than your suggested fee?
A. If your normal fee is less than our fee then you must charge the lowest fee to our members.

Q. Will your continuous marketing keep my practice healthy?
A. Here at Healthcare Resources, we market our programs constantly throughout your community and that may increase your patient base.

Q. Will this increase my practice and profit?
A. Yes. As our enrollments grow, your practice and profit will increase. Patients will be referred to you at no cost, cash will be paid up front and there will be no billing, claim forms or paperwork.

Q. How do I become a provider?
A. Simply fill out and complete the information above and once submitted, a representative from Healthcare Resources will be contacting you.