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For many years, the disheartening signs of constructing affordable health care have been an issue throughout the state of California. UCLA Center for Health Policy Research calculated that Los Angeles leads the nation in having the highest percentage of uninsured individuals.

To date, there are well over 7 million Californians who are believed to be at risk. These high figures also include over 2 million children, which is nearly 1 in 5 of California's children who are faced with the same loss. For the 2.7 million in the Los Angeles County area, close to 360,000 in Orange County and about 265,000 in San Bernardino County, time is running out for these county residents of 3.3 million, 90% of whom belong to the working force who do not have proper health care coverage.

During the inception of our program, our main goal was to stay focused on preventative care. We designed a program that will be accessible and affordable for the low to moderate-income population regardless of their age, pre-existing conditions and or residential status.

Uninsured individuals and families that belong within these categories are less likely to have a usual source of care and less likely to have seen a physician within the past year or more. Health conditions that could have been addressed through prevention or early diagnosis and treatment, become costly not just for the individual, but to also public and private hospitals, community clinics and other providers when left unattended. Although the Healthcare Resources program is not insurance, it is an advantage to the critical issue to providing access to important health services for the uninsured,particularly those with low-to moderate incomes, which experience problems with obtaining any type of medical attention.

Our program and our participating network of providers are committed to educating and encouraging everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background, about the importance of good health, prevention and detection of the early stages of an illness through regular check-ups.To qualify for our health care program, qualifications are based strictly upon the gross family income only.

We refer to our Family Size and Income Guideline Chart, which is up to 350% of the Federal Poverty Level. Again, proof of age, residential status or pre-existing conditions is not needed to qualify for this program. Since commencing the program, Healthcare Resources Foundation has given hope to over 15,000 struggling individuals and families. Healthcare Resources will also be unveiling the HOPE Project to the public in 2003. Our preventative health care memberships will be donated to 55,000 uninsured individuals per year to those whom are currently unemployed or have been dis-enrolled from Medi-cal or the Healthy Families program.
We hope through our health care program, the HOPE Project and our dedication and support to other organization's causes, we are able to make a difference on the current health care crisis and better the well being of the working community.